O2 Cones

CO2 Cones are a new technology that provides a method to inexpensively increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in a biological waste treatment plant. With no moving parts and a very simple design, they are virtually maintenance free providing constant operation once set up. The cone shaped pressure vessel provides an increasing cross sectional area with depth. Therefore the downward velocity of the wastewater flowing through the cone decreases with depth. Each size of cone is designed to accommodate a given range of water and oxygen flow rates. Oxygen, which is dissolved in the wastewater, passes out of the cone with existing water. Bubbles of non-dissolved oxygen must be completely dissolved in order to exit the cone, provided the oxygen injection rate is within the designed range of the specific cone size water flow rate and pressure.

O2 Cones require about 10 psi of water pressure to operate effectively, and the wastewater can be raised up to about 25 mg/l of dissolved oxygen at this pressure and virtualy all of the oxygen injected is dissolved. Oxygen super-saturated water leaving the cone should be injected underwater or inline into the aeration basin to prevent loss to the atmosphere.  Since all re-circulation systems use pumps, an O2 Cone can generally be very simply incorporated systems from a pump. All AQUAMARK O2 Cones include a liquid filled pressure gage and oxygen flow meter.