(Flocculant  Disperser)


AQUAMARK dispersers can effectively wet 5 pounds of powder for each 10 to 15 gallons of water supplied to the unit, resulting in a 4% to 6% concentration of flocculant in the water. This mixture must then be thoroughly mixed with additional water until the powder is completely dissolved and the desired solution concentration is obtained. Water supply pressures from 20 to 100 PSIG can be used with the dispersers. The values in the table below show the flow rate of water in GPM at various supply pressures with standard orifice settings.

This unit was once considered a "flocculant disperser" for use primarily in wastewater treatment situations. It's use is much broader now.

Teflon Lined PVC Polymer Educator

Connection:                                                6 feet of 1inch (OD Clear PVC tubing included)
Nominal lift:                                                5 vertical feet (1.5m) maximum
Nominal lift rate:                                         1lb. (0.45 kg) dry polymer per minute
The Hootonanny is a small job device and operates similar to a ring jet. The nozzle has the same basic characters. The motive liquid enters the opening that is the suction port on ordinary jet pumps. The solids flow straight through the nozzle being drawn in by gravity and th vacuum created by the annular orifice jet. Two small holes in the nozzle bleed air into the jet and facilitates movement of the solids when a hopper is used. It also inhibits water splash back up into the hopper which could result in premature wetting of the solid and resultant plugging.