AQ 900 Series

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Aluminum hydroxy chloride, cationic

The AQUAMARK 900 Series of cationic blend flocculants of differing molecular weights and charges effectively replaces inorganic coagulants like alum, ferric chloride, etc. in the clarification of raw water and wastewater.

  • Economical
  • Capable of direct feed-simplified dilution, feed and handling equipment
  • Eliminates alum or iron
  • Performs well in a wide pH range
  • Reduces sludge volume
  • Easy to feed and handle
  • Effective at low dosages


AQUAMARK 900 Series can be fed neat without premixing or predilution. I should be fed using a corrosion resistant, positive displacement pump. Best results are obtained by dispersing the feed stream and promoting high turbulence for rapid mixing beyond the addition point. Feeding recommendations tailored to your location can be obtained from your AQUAMARK sales representative.


  • Raw surface waters                                                10 - 75 ppm
  • Municipal sewage                                                   50 - 200 ppm
  • Industrial waste water                                             50 - 500 ppm


AQUAMARK 900 Series should be stored in glass, plastic, or epoxy-lined vessels. Do not use iron, copper, or aluminum in storage vessels or feed systems. Do not permit product to freeze. Store in protected area spills can readily be removed with copious amounts of water.

AQUAMARK 900 Series is available in 55 gallon nonreturnable, lined steel drums, 275 gallon nonreturnable totes, and bulk.


Before handling this material, read the corresponding AQUAMARK Safety Data Sheet for more safety, health and environmental data.