Feed Equiment


The "UGLY" emulsion polymer feeder was developed to meet a need in the market place. The price for a polymer feeder has skyrocketed over the last decade and many of our customers were complaning about the cost of these feeders. Our goal was to develop a feeder for a lower cost that will feed any emulsion polymer to satisfy any need.

Emulsion polymers need to be "made" down with fresh water to be useful. This process involves mixing the polyme with water at a specific rates. This process also has to be done with enough mixing adequately invert the emulsion polymer completely.

The "UGLY" emulsion polymer feeder consists of three major components. These components are:

1.) ROTO meter to accurately control the amount of water that is being used. Depending upon th model water flow range from 0 gpm to 100 gpm.

2.) Static mixers to thorougly mix the polymer into the desired solution strength.

3.) LMI or A&F high Viscosity polymer pumps to inject the emulsion polymer into the water flow before the static mixers.

Two other goals were also satisfied by this unit.

a.) This unit is very easy to clean. Occasionally the water gets shut off to polymer units. This resultant water shut off allows for a very thick polymer solution to get caught in the feeder which can easily be taked apart and cleaned.

b.) The "UGLY" feeder has no moving parts other than the high viscosity polymer pump. This reduces or eliminates any down time due to mechanical issues.

The Unit is built with PVC plastic. The PVC construction makes repairs very easy. It can either sit on the floor or mounted to a wall for easy application.

To order the "UGLY" emulsion feeder email us at: customerservice@aquamark.net